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About Chronic Kidney Disease in dogs and cats

The term kidney disease, or nephropathy, identifies a disease that affects one or both kidneys and can cause renal failure. Renal failure is the condition that follows the reduction of renal function and is associated with the accumulation of toxins in the body (the most common are represented by the creatinine and urea). A dog or a cat may be suffering from a kidney disease regardless of levels of uremic toxins detected in their body and will be considered in renal failure only when the quantities of blood uremic toxins (e.g. creatinine and urea) increase over the normal range. In dogs and cats, kidney disease is considered chronic (Chronic Kidney Disease-CKD) when it has been present for at least 3 months. The last decade has been characterized by a growing interest in Chronic Kidney Disease of dogs and cats and the emergence of useful tools for staging and management of dogs and cats suffering from this disease. Worldwide, one of the tools most commonly used for the evaluation of Chronic Kidney Disease in dogs and cats is the staging of the International Renal Interest Society (IRIS, that, after its presentation in 2006, contributed to the acquisition of new management strategies, allowing the Veterinarians to improve the quality of life and survival times of dogs and cats with Chronic Kidney Disease. This website is designed as an informative tool useful to owners of dogs and cats with chronic kidney disease as well as renal failure.

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