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Who We Are

The website is, and must be intended, exclusively as a site of information and dislosure of information about CKD of dogs and cats.

Both the website and the program RENAL MANAGE™ refer to veterinary literature and are regularly updated every 3 months; part of the information contained in the site and suggestions offered by the programme are the result of the professional experience of the authors.

The program RENAL MANAGE™ is a tool, both for Veterinarians and owners, that can support in the management of dogs and cats suffering from CKD, but only the Veterinarian can provide indications about diagnostic, therapeutic and monitoring management of a clinical case. 

What We Do

Based on the most recent information in veterinary medicine, the website is reviewed on a quarterly basis to allow a constant update to owners of dogs and cats with Chronic Kidney Disease. A reserved area is accessible by Veterinarians and is also updated quarterly with links to websites, scientific articles, chapters of books and information about seminars, courses and conferences about Chronic Kidney Disease of dogs and cats.